Our final trip in 2019 was fantastic!  We are keeping an open mind because we never say never but, for now we are hanging up our tour guide hats. Keep letting us know if you are interested and maybe in a few years there will be a “back by popular demand” tour!

Discover the Land of the Midnight Sun

You are invited to participate in a once-in-a-life-time adventure!  Discover the Land of the Midnight Sun with a small group of Norway enthusiasts led by Ed Egerdahl, a seasoned, knowledgeable Norway guide.  This custom tour is purposely scheduled at the height of the Midnight Sun.  Norway never fails to surprise even those who have traveled here before.  The natural landscape of Norway, more stunning and diverse than in most other European nations, will awe and inspire you. 

The power of Norway’s amazing environment pulses through Norwegian art: paintings portray the people in their natural element, music celebrates the rugged landscape and poetry is formed from the very rocks!  Norwegians are firmly connected to their ancient past.  Families tend to remain in one place for many generations and nearly every community includes buildings that are 5, 6 or even 10 centuries old!  This living yet ancient “Old Country” heritage exerts a strong pull on travelers from the “New World”

Explore the treasures of this beautiful land where history and myth wait around every bend of the road.  This will be your adventure, not a standardized cookie-cutter tour.  In our upcoming group meetings, we will thoroughly explain alternatives and options and listen carefully to your opinions. The relationship between you and your guide is unique and personal.  Built-in flexibility will enable tour members to pursue special interests or find family roots.  An individual interest may develop into a spontaneous and exciting excursion that captures the imagination of the whole group.

“The Best of Norway” is well balanced between South and North.  Through valleys, over mountains, along fjords, through city streets with culture and history we will wend our way north to the ancient Viking capital, Trondheim. 

Your tour leader, Ed Egerdahl, has made Norway’s language and culture his specialty.  He has taught and led tours for 40 years. He will make your tour fun and educational; every tour member will share in his knowledge of culture and history. 


Tour Highlights

2019 Itinerary

June 27 - July 10, 2019

Home - Oslo

Oslo -

Oslo - Geilo -

Geilo - Bergen -

Bergen -

Bergen -  Loen -

Loen -Ålesund -

Ålesund –

Ålesund - Geiranger -

Geiranger - Trondheim

Trondheim  - Røros

Røros - Lillehammer

Flights home or continued travel on your own - OR

3 night Add on to Copenhagen Jazz Festival
July 10 - July 13








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