Godt Hjerte

Godt Hjerte is the annual fundraising effort for the Scandinavian Language Institute.  We collect donations that are used to help fund our scholarship program, our Kaffe Pause supplies and other various extracurricular and classroom activities.  Every year in February we call on our people to show their Godt Hjerte (Good Heart) during this drive.  There are several local companies that offer corporate matching funds.  You can contribute via a check to S.L.I. or on-line at our website via PayPal.  In addition we also receive donations from all your Amazon Smile orders!  Bookmark this link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/91-1156818 and every order you make can help out SLI all year long!  All donations are tax deductible.  Tusen Takk for your generosity. 
We will also be collecting food for the Ballard Food Bank as we seek to give back. You can bring canned and packaged food to the classroom throughout February and I will make sure it gets delivered. 

A BIG TUSEN TAKK to all who have enrolled in language classes this quarter.  Despite our move to a new location and the added associated challenges, there are nearly 135 students enrolled.  WOW!  Winter Quarter will continue through the week of March 5th.  After two weeks off, Spring Quarter is set to start the week of March 26th and also run 9 weeks. 

The proposed itinerary for this summer's Tour to Norway has been published both in a paper copy available in class as well as on-line at our website.  It's a great field-trip!! Check it out.