God Jul!

Vel, I just crossed the proverbial Finish-Line of fall quarter classes.  Quarter #1 of Year #40 is in the "Historiebok". 

Reminder #1 - the 40th anniversary SLI tote-bag makes a practical stocking-stuffer.  ($15. with profits going to our scholarship program)

Reminder #2 - an SLI gift certificate make an extravagantly exciting stocking-stuff for the person who has everything but doesn't know everything (yet)!

Reminder #3 - The next round of SLI Klasse (Winter Quarter 2019) starts the week of January 7th.  The full winter schedule will be available at our website www.SLIseattle.com very soon.  Check it out.

Reminder #4 - There is still space available for my Farewell Tour of Norway that I am leading to The Land of the Midnight Sun in June/July.  The full itinerary is also available at the website. 

I guess that concludes my making a list and checking it twice.  I offer everyone best wishes for a COOL JUL whenever you are good and ready to start celebrating!

Beste hilsen fra din norsk lærer,