NEW Spring Quarter Classes - "COMING SOON!"

I want to offer a big TUSEN TAKK to the 177 students who participated in one or another of the 13 Scandinavian language classes we offered each week.  All the way around, Winter Quarter was a great success!  Film Klubb attendance was great - as always.  Generosity during our Food Drive for the Ballard Food Bank (several trunk loads delivered to a grateful staff) AND during our own Godt Hjerte Fundraiser for our Scholarship and Community Outreach programs ($2,038.00 plus some matching funds coming) was nothing short of Fantastisk!  Again, TUSEN TAKK.   There are now several weeks off before new classes start up the week of March 28th for Danish and Norwegian and the week of April 4th for Swedish classes.  The full schedule is available here at the website.

Here you will also find information about this summer's Norway Tour.  There is already enough people signed up to declare it a GO!!  There is still room if you or someone you know is interested in joining us.  Let us know as soon as possible.  It is always great fun and the ultimate Field-Trip.  You can enroll for new classes and the summer tour here.  Find the correct "clicks" and away you go!  Please help us pass the word about our various programs - your word-of-mouth is always our very best form of advertising.  Have a great Spring Break and we look forward to seeing you in classes in a few weeks. 

(P.S. - If you didn't get a chance and would like to contribute to Godt Hjerte, it is absolutely not too late.  You can donate on-line via PayPal from this website.  Every little bit helps.  There were 14 people who received aid from the Scholarship Fund.  These scholarships are based on need and the students' ability to pay.)